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Universal UV/IR Flame Detector Test Lamp, TC-229/4P

Universal UV/IR Flame Detector Test Lamp, TC-229/4P

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TC-229/4P Universal UV/IR Test Lamp for flame detectors, including charger and carrying case, non-restricted, provision A067

Product Information:

  • Universal, virtually all UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors can be tested with the TC-229/4P
  • Selectable continuous mode for UV and Pulsing mode for IR and UV/IR
  • UV detector check up to 8 meters (26 feet)
  • IR and UV/IR flame detector check up to 4 meters (13 ft)
  • Suitable for all UV Flame Detectors and IR Flame Detectors (single frequency) or a combination of UV and (single frequency) IR
  • Not suitable for Triple IR or Dual IR Flame Detectors
  • Easy to operate, select the Flame Detector type with the switch on the unit and pull the trigger to operate the Test Lamp
  • The powerful rechargeable battery lasts 10-15 minutes
  • Universal charger 100-240 Vac with pins for US, EU, GB en AU
  • Carrying Case, protects the reflector of the Test Lamp from dust
  • Please note that model T-229/4P, without carrying case is no longer available

Quantity discounts available on 3+ instruments, contact us for further information.

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SENSE-WARE Universal Test Lamp
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