Collection: Flame Detector Test Lamps

SENSE-WARE test lamps are very versatile.

The T-169/1 and T940/1Z are able to test SENSE-WARE UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors. The TC-229/4P is a Universal Flame Detector Test Lamp, virtually all UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors can be tested with the TC-229/4P.

The TC-229/4P Universal Test Lamp was developed in 2004, continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing make the TC-229/4P the most reliable Universal Flame Detector Tester on the market.

"Highly Recommend!"

"Since supplying my first gas monitor 2 years ago IM&M have helped with ongoing service & calibration and more recently in supplying a new PID gas monitor and calibration gas. The helpful team provided first class service and advice, I would highly recommend IM&M. A big thank you to Emma for all her hard work."