Collection: Flame Detectors

Known for their fast response to open fires, the application for Flame Detectors can vary from outdoor to indoor, also from hydrocarbons to non-hydrocarbon fuels. 

There are 3 Flame Detector types, including ultra violet, ultra violet / infra-red and infra red 3.

Each Flame Detector has a self test which is performed every hour to make sure the sensor and electronics are in fully functioning, operation order, a test lamp is available for regular and routine testing.

There are a wide range of different types of burning material, emitting different types of flames. To ensure prevention of false alarms, and avoid non destruction of real fires, the sensors are optimized for the actual radiation from the possible fires, this is why 3 different types of Flame Detectors are offered: UV, UV/IR and IR3.

How to select the best Flame Detector for your application:

Flame Detector Types

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