Waste Plant Flame Detection Case Study

Application Bulletin - Waste Plant Flame Detection Case Study

Due to a previous fire at the plant, one of our customer's approached us with an enquiry for Flame Detection Instruments, but required guidance as to where to position the Flame Detectors and seek advice on the quantity required, for safe operation of the Waste Plant. 

The waste plant holds household rubbish, where a previous fire has prompted a requirement for Flame Detection. The customer was also unsure as to which type Flame Detector would be suitable. As you can see from the drawing provided to our customer, the positioning of the Flame Detectors (highlighted in red) is based in direct site of a starting fire, with no obstruction of rubbish. The installation height of the Flame Detectors was recommended to be double the height of the highest pile of rubbish, the Flame Detector recommended was the IR3 Flame Detector (IR3-109/1CZ) with Swivel Mount brackets (SM21) to ensure easy installation of the Flame Detectors. This type of Flame Detector is suited to smoky, flaming fires.

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